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A selection of videos from traditional Chinese Health Qigong forms is available here, which have been practiced throughout the world for hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of years. The forms are said to directly impact and stimulate the organ and meridian systems of the body, to promote physical health, to ease stress, anxiety and emotional disturbances, to improve mental clarity and to cultivate the felt experience of a more present and embodied life. Some of the Forms have their origin in the T'ai Chi tradition. Most importantly, and the reason why I enjoy practicing T’ai Chi and Qigong so much, is that they bring you into a felt sense of coming Home.


Each session explores a range of joint releasing movements, followed by a complete Form or individual movements from various Forms. Elements explored in these sessions include the cultural and historical backgrounds to the Forms, embodiment and postural principles of T'ai Chi and Qigong, poetry, ponderings on the Dao and other mystical traditions, inspiration from Nature, traditional Chinese medicinal points of interest, health and mental wellbeing, meditation, and spirituality. The recordings also often feature cameo appearances from 4-legged friends - Qigong and T’ai Chi welcome all!

In this video library you can find a range of free short videos and some longer paid classes which you can purchase for personal download. A small donation is asked to help cover the cost of making these live class recordings available. To find out more about each video, you can click on the "i" button on the top right corner of each video window below. 

Please enjoy the videos for your own private use. 

Cork ETB - 8 Silk Brocades Qigong

Cork ETB - 8 Silk Brocades Qigong

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