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What students say about the T'ai Chi and Qigong classes

Thanks very much for introducing me to Qigong and its gentle but yet powerful movements this year! I very much enjoyed the peace, focus and stillness it creates, its beauty, grace and effectiveness. It opened a new cosmos for me and I love your term 'rest in motion' which describes it so perfectly. It's been a nourishing experience for me and I think the whole group. I believe Qigong has the potential to bring about more peace and compassion in this world and raise the collective consciousness if more people practised it.

Petra, Youghal 

In Anne Marie's Qigong classes I have enjoyed deep relaxation and calm focus that lasts all day long - highly recommended, she is a great teacher.

 Sarah, Cork

The exercises have given me a renewed awareness of the miracle of embodiment, and realisation that the body and its movements are so attuned to seasons and nature. 

Ella, Cork

I am glad to have ‘found’ Anne Marie’s online Qigong class, which has aided me greatly during the last year of restrictions and lockdowns.  Anne Marie provides gentle, insightful guidance into the art of Qigong movement, as well as a space to reflect on our connection with the natural world. 

Karen, Sligo.

Anne Marie's classes are a true inspiration. She emanates love and joy.

The experience is profoundly uplifting.

Paula, UK

Anne Marie is a Natural, she explains the movements, breaking them down and letting us know of the health benefits.

John, West Cork

Each week I look forward to my Qigong/T’ai Chi class with Anne Marie. This is my only true ‘me time’ in my week. Anne Marie has a wonderful relaxing soothing voice to match perfectly with the beautiful movements.

Audrey, Waterford

My experience of Anne Marie's Class is always one of rooted ease and openness.

Anne Marie creates such a welcoming space and her warm, clear instruction is a joy.

I thoroughly enjoy learning about the forms and meridians, and in the time I've been attending I can see how my entire system feels strengthened and more able to flow with life. 

I'm so pleased to have discovered Anne Marie's Qigong. (and the weekly videos are very handy!)

I couldn't recommend her enough.

Julie, UK

I have always found physical exercise in a group setting to be a challenge.  Then I had the privilege of starting this journey with Anne Marie, into the world of Zoom. Anne Marie’s professionalism reflects in her teaching style of her Tai Chi & Qigong practices, as does her passion for these beautiful flowing live Arts, which nourish your body and your soul with the essence of Qi!  The Qigong practices have become very much part of my daily life. Anne Marie’s ability to provide a commentary of invaluable knowledge whilst teaching these Ancient Crafts of Tai Chi and Qigong, is enlightening, joyful, fun and uplifting!  

Angie, Queensland Australia

I have been attending Anne Marie’s online Tai Chi & Qigong classes during lockdown & they’ve been a Godsend to me. My body had become so sore & painful & her classes got me moving again in a gentle way, taking care of many aches & pains. They now strengthen me as I gradually learn more moves. Anne Marie is a wonderfully kind, knowledgeable & experienced teacher of many years standing & I can’t recommend her highly enough - for mental as well as physical health! She’s a treasure. 

Kate B., London, U.K.

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