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Youghal - Qigong & Daoist Principles

Spring Qigong for Health and Wellbeing 18th April 2024

  • Ended
  • Coordinated by YARA
  • Church of the Holy Family Hall, Youghal. P36EC65.

Course Details

A 5-week course commencing Thursday 18th April 2024. *** This Course is organised by YARA - Youghal Active Retirement Association. Limited spaces are available for non-YARA members. *** Please email: for more details and to book a place. Tel: 087 2061934 Dates: Thursdays, beginning 18th April 2024. Time: 4pm Venue: Church of the Holy Family Hall, Youghal. P36EC65. At times of turmoil and unrest, it can be wise to take time to contemplate and connect to trustworthy sources of stability. Our physical Qigong practice will be supported by standing and seated meditation practices, as well as wisdom from various Daoist texts. This is an invitation to cultivate the mystical mind. For this series, we will explore the historical and cultural meaning of the Dao - the Way of balance and harmony within oneself, others and nature. Following on from our exploration of Swimming Dragon Qigong, our Spring programme will expand to include the movements and qualities of other animals, including the Phoenix, Tiger and Crane. Our Swimming Dragon will also keep us company over the Springtime. We especially welcome the benefits to the Nervous System, the Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit. Wellbeing is felt as a sense of being grounded and centered, with a more embodied experience of the movements. These slow flowing practices can remind us of the reasons why they are often called Meditation in Movement. Through regular practice, this mindful, more embodied way of being becomes more effortless, habitual, and comfortable. A return to naturalness. Booking essential with YARA.

Contact Details

Glounthaune Community Center, Johnstown, County Cork, Ireland

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